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New Project with MICRORAD NHT-3D from Italy


Poly Dome Membrane Keypad Switch for MICRORAD NHT-3D Meters

MICRORAD is a professional manufacturer of portable broadband electromagnetic radiation field strength meter from Italy.


Details of this Poly Dome Membrane Keypad Switch for MICRORAD NHT-3D Meters:


1. Graphic overlay: PET ( 0.188 mm )

2. Spacer: Crown PET Double-side adhesive ( 0.28mm )

3. LED: Blue 1 pcs

4. Rear adhesive: 3M467

5. Connector: 2.54mm female housing

6. Siler Paste: Acheson ELECTRODAG 820B

7. Carbon Paste: Acheson ELECTRODAG 423SS

8. Insulation Ink: Acheson ELECTRODAG 452SS embossed button metal dome led foil keyboard, led membrane switch, membrane keypad, membrane keypad switch, membrane keyboard

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