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Capacitive Touch Screen Membrane Sensor





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►Product name:  Capacitive Touch Screen PET Foil Transparent Membrane Sensor

►Keyword:  membrane senor,transparent membrane sensor,foil sensor,PET sensor,capacitive touch sensor

►Product photos

►Raw materials

Structure Material
Top adhesive Optically Clear Adhesive
Circuited layer PET,0.125mm+transparent conductive ink+silver paste
Protect tape PET,0.07mm
Connector Female, 2.54mm

Working and storage environments
Working temperature: -20℃~+65℃;RH<90% 
Storage humidity:
Compliant with Rohs and Reach instructions.

►Other characteristics

Item Value (conditions) Remark
Light Transmission ≥80% Transmittance tester 
ASTM D-1003
Haze ≤3%(PET) Transmittance tester 
ASTM D-1003
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