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Dental Medical Instruments Membrane Keypad Switch





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►Product name:  Dental Medical Instruments Membrane Keypad Switch

►Keyword:  membrane switch,membrane keypad switch,dental medical membrane switch

Graphic overlay: Autotex F150
Key type: poly dome
LED: red & green bi color led
Connector: 1.00 mm ZIF connector
Back adhesive: 3M 467
(2)Dimension : 68.49x10 mm

This membrane switch is used on a tool for dentist,so it needs to be small portable and tough.
(1)We use adhesive instead of spacer to prevent overlay and circuit separation and  rear adhesive 3M 467 has good waterproof performance.
(2)We use Autotex F150 to make the poly dome, the key is very tactile,light and clear.

►Electrical performance 

 Wire Resistance

 0.5mm width,<1Ω/cm

 Rated Current

 25-150mA,0-30V DC  

 Insulation Resistance

 >100MΩ 250V DC

 Working Voltage

 <50V DC

 Non-tactile Switch Stroke


 Tactile Switch Stroke


 Working Life

 >0.5-1.2 million times

 Working Temperature


 Working Humidity

 40℃,90%RH No Influence

 Substrate Voltage

 1500V DC

 Feed BackTime


 Tail Folding

  R>1,180 angel

Comply with ROHS & REACH
The above product information is for reference only, we can provide customized production according to the design requirements of customers.

►Optional material

Panel Mount Guidance

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