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Polyester panel label overlay sticker with translucent window and embossed backlight button





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►Product name:  Polyester Panel Label Overlay with translucent window and embossed backlight button
►Keyword: panel label, polyester panel label,overlay,polyester panel overlay,panel sticker.


①Size:170*120mm, customized size accepted
②Material: Autotex F200 + 3M468 adhesive.
③Button style: Pillow-embossed buttons with backlight 
④White translucent window which allow light pass
⑤Certification: ISO9001:2015 /ROHS/SG
⑥Payment terms: T/T,West Union,Paypal
⑦Shipping by: UPS/ Fedex /DHL /TNT or Other Ways Specified
⑧Delivery time: 12~15 Working Days

The above product information is for reference only, we can provide customized production according to the design requirements of customers.
 Optional material for panel: (1)PET (2)PC (3)PMMA ,thickness from 0.13~2.0mm


Printing Film Surface Thickness Peculiarity
Glossy(Normal,Hard coat) 0.125/0.180mm
•hard texture
•suitable for making poly dome
•high corrosion resistance
Matt (Fine texture,Velvet) 0.150/0.200mm •soft texture
•good fire resistance
•low corrosion resistance
PC Glossy(Normal,Hard coat) 0.175/0.250/0.350/0.500/1.00mm
Matt (Fine texture,Velvet) 0.175/0.250/0.370/0.500

Optional Rear adhesive:3M 467,3M 468,3M 200 MP,3M 300LSE,3M 9080A,3M55280

►Common Materials


►Panel Mount Guidance
①Clean up the surface where the switch is bonded and make sure it is flat ,without rust, oil and dust.
②Compare the panel size with the paste area and confirm the direction.
③Tear off a corner of the bottom release paper and locate the correct position, then slowly remove the rest release paper and flatten the panel.
④If you fail to mount the panel in one time, tear off  the panel and remount it. Please change another panel if the back adhesive is broken and clear up the paste area.

►We can offer special 3D texture pannel as followed

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