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Capacitive Touch Switch for Washing Machine





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►Product name:  Capacitive Touch Switch for Washing Machine

►Keyword:  touch switch,capacitive touch for washing machine,capacitive touch sensor.

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►Electrical performance 

Item Parameter Remarks
Working  voltage   ≤6.5V  
Working current ≤1mA  
Wire resistance       ≤50Ω The starting point for the Guard wire measurement is 1.0 mm from the edge of the carbon slurry and the end point is the end of the guard wire.
The starting points of the remaining wires were measured at a silver paste 1.0 mm from the edge of the carbon slurry, and the end points were at the opposite corners of the respective touch keypad.
Insulation resistance    ≥100MΩ The insulation resistance between any two wires should be greater than 100MΩ.
Select two connector terminals to be measured at the measurement point.
The test voltage is 10 VDC.
Reference standard GB 5095.2 test
Contact resistance ≤100mΩ The contact resistance of the terminals and connectors as well as the terminals and the silver paste should be measured.
Withstand Voltage     250VAC 1min No breakdown or arcing.
The withstand voltage between any two wires should be measured.

Working and storage environments
Working temperature: -20℃~+65℃;RH<90% 
Storage humidity:
Compliant with Rohs and Reach instructions.


Bottom PET circuit PET, 0.125mm
Silver paste BY9700
Carbon ink Acheson ELECTRODAG 423SS
Insulation ink Acheson ELECTRODAG 452SS
Top PET adhesive 6050ST PET adhesive
Double side adhesive 3M 468MP
Connector terminal CJT A2550-TP
Connector housing CJT A2550H-8P-A
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