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Capacitive Touch Swicth for Washing Machine

capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch

Application: Haier Washing Machine capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch



Details: capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch



Specification:capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch capacitive touch sensor switch

 Circuit Layer  PET 0.125+silver paste+carbon paste+insulation
    Rear adhesive  3M 468MP
 Connector  Boimi ( Local), 2.54mm
 Protect adhesive tape  PET adhesive 0.05mm


Electrical Specification:  

                                                                              Rohs & Reach Standard

Working voltage


Working current


Conductor resistance


Insulation resistance


Contact resistance


voltage resistance


Work temperature


Working humidity


Storage temperature


Storage humidity




Capacitive Touch Switch


Capacitive touch switch is a transparent plastic thin film fitted with transparent conductive electrodes. The electrodes are then connected via flat-ended conductive silver tracks and evenly spaced 1.00 mm apart for FPC cables or at 2.54 mm apart with a female cable. Capacitive touch switches are increasingly used in a wide range of applications, including home appliances, consumer electronics, industrial controls and mobile devices, entertainment facilities, etc. Custom positions, dimensions, number of keys, and rear adhesive option make the touch switch compatible with all currently available microcontrollers and applicable to various sectors. 


How does it work? 


Induction capacitance exists between any two conductive objects. A key, namely a solder pad can also constitute an induction capacitance with the ground. The value of the induction capacitance is a small fixed value under the condition that the surrounding environment remains unchanged. A tension is normally applied on the four angles of the panel and it is uniformly widespread on all the surface of the screen; When human fingers are close to the touch button, the inductive capacitance formed by human fingers and the ground will increase the value of the total inductive capacitance. Capacitive touch key IC will output a certain signal when it detects that the inductive capacitance value of a key has changed. As there is no mechanical structure for the capacitive touch key, all the detection is a small change in the electric quantity, so it is more sensitive to all kinds of interference. Therefore, the design of the sensor and the selection of touch IC are very critical.
Topflight capacitive touch switches can be produced in polyester or other film materials, and they allow a wide freedom to the designer for any type of graphic solutions and for a backlighting of great impact and effect. When you order your custom capacitive switch from Flexkys, it ships complete with the sensor circuit, decorative graphics and your desired touch surface. We can also provide your capacitive switch with or without the front panels.



Advantages of Capacitive Touch Switches comparing to traditional Membrane Switches

Long service life, the key usually has life in 5-10 years, and is not limited by the use of times
Water immune and dust proof solutions
Very easy and low cost to be backlit
Combined with injection molding inside the film to produce IME parts or more decorative panels of different shapes
Stylish appearance, flexible design, glass, acrylic, PC can be used as decorative panels, printed with any arts and patterns
Can incorporate haptic feedback 
Line noise elimination
Multiple keys or sliders
Extremely fast touch response -160 milliseconds
Very low current requirements
Single or multiple cells – touch screens
An excellent solution for product upgrades or retrofitting
Configurable: I2C, SPI, TTL Serial UART, USB HID, RS232, RS485
Affordable technology


Common structure of capacitive touch switch: 

How to design the sensor? 


1.Optional materials to make sensor
As the circuit part of the capacitive switch, sensor can be made of silver printed circuit, transparent conductive ink printed circuit (for backlit solution), FPC (copper printed circuit), or hard PCB board. 


2.Sensor PAD shape
In principle, it can be made into any shape according to the design of the panel keys.


3.Sensor PAD area size
Sensor PAD sizes are typically between 8*8mm and 15*15mm. If you have special requirements, we can customize for you. The actual size of the area is determined according to the requirements of the sensitivity, and the size of the area is proportional to the sensitivity. The distance between PAD and PAD should be at least 1mm, and the larger the distance is, the more beneficial it is to reduce the mutual interference between PADs.


4.Distance from sensor to front panel
In general, the sensor is directly attached to the back of the panel, with a very small distance between them.


Front panel choices 

1.Front panel materials
The panel must be made of insulating materials, such as glass, PC, PET, acrylic, etc. No metal is allowed within the key position. The metal within 50mm of the touch key must be grounded, otherwise the metal will affect the sensitivity of the key. In the production process, we need maintain the panel material and thickness unchanged, the panel surface coating must be used by insulation paint material.


2.Front panel thickness
To ensure the sensitivity of the keys, the thickness of the panel should be set between 0.2 and 4mm.


3.Double sided adhesive
Normally, the sensor is attached to the panel by double-sided adhesive. 3M 468 or OCA type glue can be used.


Touch IC selection

At present, the world famous electronic components suppliers are increasing the application of capacitive touch key IC research, and launched a number of professional touch chips, there are also many ICs based on MCU integrated class. Designers have large selection space, can choose suitable IC design according to the functional requirements and chip price, also can achieve touch IC by self design based on MCU A/D mouth. 


Referred example for application principle
There are total 8 keys, respectively, K1 ~ K8

Capacitive Touch Switch Products


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